How to Choose the Right Probate Lawyer for Your Case

Probate is a legal process that oversees the distribution of a deceased person’s assets. It also ensures that potential creditors have a chance to file claims against the estate and makes certain that all beneficiaries receive their inheritance in a timely manner. A probate attorney can help you through the complicated and often lengthy process of administering an estate. Finding the best one for your needs requires a thorough research.

The best Broward County probate attorneys are experienced, licensed and well-connected. They have a comprehensive understanding of estate planning, probate and litigation. They can guide you through the process, including filing and monitoring mandatory deadlines, resolving disputes between heirs and managing property transfers. They can even assist with the filing of a lawsuit against unsatisfactory conduct by a fiduciary.

In addition to their expertise, the best probate lawyers in Broward County are known for their high client satisfaction ratings and commitment to community service. Some of them have served on the board of several local charities and non-profit organizations, and others have volunteered for legal aid services. They can also handle other legal matters that involve real estate, family law and business law.

Assouline & Berlowe is a Coral Springs-based firm that handles probate matters for heirs and trustees. It helps them comply with state laws and resolve disputes that arise during the process. Its attorneys can handle any type of estate, from large estates with many properties to simple estates with a few assets. In addition to probate, the firm also offers a range of other legal services, such as trust administration, business law, and estate planning.

The Law Offices of Danielle Greenberg offers probate and estate planning services to clients in the Fort Lauderdale area. The firm helps clients prepare their wills and trusts, and explains the probate process in detail. Its attorneys can also resolve issues that arise during the probate process, such as beneficiary disputes and challenges to a will’s authenticity.

Robert C. Geller, PC is a Fort Lauderdale-based probate attorney who has been practicing for more than 40 years. He is a member of the Florida Bar and has been admitted to practice before all Florida courts. He is also a member of the Elder Law Section and has extensive experience in handling probate cases and estate planning. He also has a deep understanding of federal and state laws.

Brodzki Jacobs is a full-service law firm that provides estate and probate services in the Broward County area. The firm’s attorneys can assist with settling the estate, collecting and distributing funds, paying bills and debts, transferring ownership of property, and assisting with legal and financial matters for heirs and beneficiaries. The team also works on cases under the areas of immigration and family law.

Founded in 1962, the Medalie & Medalie Law Firm serves the Fort Lauderdale community. Its attorneys provide walk-throughs of probate and trust matters, working with trustees and executors to manage the distribution of estate property and settling disputes among beneficiaries. Its practice additionally covers real estate, taxation and corporate law.