The Role of Signs and Graphics in Marketing

Amid buzzwords like influencer marketing, word-of-mouth and Generative AI, some classic tools in the business marketing toolbox remain as effective as ever. One of these is signage, which plays an important role in a variety of marketing strategies for small and large businesses alike.

Signage, when used correctly, can help plant the seeds for future sales—even when a prospective customer hasn’t stepped foot inside your brick and mortar business yet. This is true for a variety of types of signage, from simple directional signs that direct customers to specific departments within your store, to wayfinding graphics that entice people to explore every corner of your space and discover what you have to offer.

The best part about branding your company with custom signs and graphics is that they stay put for a long time, unlike other forms of advertising that have a much shorter lifespan. That longevity is why it’s a great idea to consider using a variety of different visual solutions for your business, from a full rebranding with new window graphics to an ongoing refresh that incorporates a rotating selection of custom specialty signs throughout the workplace and building.

In a recent national poll, when asked how they felt about well-designed signage, 72% said it was a motivating factor in scoping out a business they were unfamiliar with. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that yard signs—also known as bandit signs, Coroplast(r) signs and lawn signs—are so popular for gaining visibility for local businesses.

These affordable marketing materials are easy to customize with your unique message, branded colors, logo, shape and size. They’re also a cost-effective option for both small and large businesses that want to boost their brand recognition in specific communities, as they’re widely available through dedicated printing providers at affordable prices.

As your brand grows and expands, so too will your need for supplemental signage to keep visitors informed. A rebranding with new window graphics, for example, may require the addition of a more prominent logo to ensure that your current and potential customers don’t miss any key information.

Aside from directing people within your company, signs can serve as a great way to promote upcoming events and seasonal offerings—both important aspects of experiential marketing. For example, a trade show booth display with vivid graphics promoting your latest products or services can encourage people to stop in and learn more from you, and it might even give them an incentive to buy. To get started with customizing your own signage, reach out to the best sign company Corpus Christi, TX today.